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As a Premium Member of, you have access to the following perks at this time :

  • List Your Own Products in the Greener Life Product Directory
    When you add your products displaying the Member logo on the label to the Greener Life Product Directory, you are eligible for entry into our monthly drawing for four $100 Gift Certificates for
  • Real, Instant Savings
    Apply one of the Promotional Codes to your orders, which could save you thousands per year with Essential Depot.
  • Upcoming Specials members will be the first to be notified of exclusive deals and new offerings.
  • Using the Greener Life Diamond on your product labels members who have been Premium Members for at least 6 months will be able to license the use of the Greener Life Diamond for $1.
  • Access to our Essential Oils database
    Over a hundred articles detail the history and traditional usage of Essential Oils.

By canceling your premium membership you may miss out on exclusive product information and business resources which would benefit Soap Makers, Cosmetic Makers, Perfume Makers or E-Juice makers. Please note: We limit offers to the oldest GreenerLifeClub premium members when supplies or space is limited.

If you still wish to cancel your membership ($5 per month Paypal subscription) please logon to your paypal account and cancel the $5 per month pre-approved payment with Essential Depot.


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